As soon as you exit the Cannara gate, turn right and take the small pedestrian path that runs along the river and reaches the small port of Marta in about 1 km. In the summer season it is possible that at the beginning there is high grass but it is only a few meters. You can follow the river and observe the works that since ancient times regulated the outflow coming to the incile where the "vents" are the real cap of the Lake of Lake Bolsena.

Once at the port, you can take 2 routes.

ROUTE 1 - Turning left ..

Follow the lakeside promenade which in about 500 meters takes you under the shade of the trees to the main square of Marta behind which begins the old town where you must go through the ancient streets up to the tower from which you can enjoy a beautiful and complete view of the lake basin (on holidays the tower is open and you can climb up to the top).
Also from the main square, continuing along the lakeside (instead of climbing to the tower) you reach the old fishing village from which the characteristic fishing boats still leave.

ROUTE 2 - Turning right ..

Go past the pedestrian bridge and leaving behind the tennis court (possibility of play) follow the asphalt road; you pass a small hill and start walking along the lakefront that leads from Marta to Montefiascone in about 7km of road now white and now asphalted. The path is pleasant with the possibility of swimming in the summer season along the black beach and pleasant refreshment in the many kiosks that are located (start after about 4/5 km). Ideal for runners or bikers in relaxation.