For our customers, we offer 3 routes for bikes (mainly by road) in order of increasing difficulty that include departure and arrival from the Cannara. Remember that a certain number of bikes are available and in any case if you are interested in the topic, ask for Valerio for further directions in / out.

Capodimonte Bolsena
(25 km - 250 meters in altitude)

Path partly asphalted and partly unpaved (not suitable for racing bikes). From Marta we pass through Capodimonte and then (taking the right fork at the top of the first ascent towards Valentano) we cross the Bisenzio mountain (the only roughness). Of these discesone and pleasant dirt path that runs along the lake with restaurants and bars that can go. At the end you get back on the Cassia and after 5/6 km of plains you reach Bolsena (very beautiful that deserves a visit). Back on the contrary or - if you feel like it - for Montefiascone with about 10km climb (never killer but continues).

Capodimonte Arlena Tuscania
(38 km for 430 meters in altitude)


Beautiful and scenic route that winds on secondary roads and little traffic with gentle ups and downs never troubling. Pretty the village of Arlena di Castro and very beautiful Tuscania.

The tour of the Lake of Bolsena
(65 km - 1050 meters in altitude)

It is one of the classic routes of local cyclists. Starting from Marta we head towards Montefiascone that we reach after about 7/8 of fairly continuous ascent without bad jerks. Nice passage into the country (if you want to do the double-digit ramp up to the belvedere) and then downhill with good background and regular curves to Bolsena. Eye that you are on a state road (Cassia) that is not too crowded but always requires attention. From Bolsena long plain up to the junction for San Lorenzo Nuovo where the road starts to rise again. From San Lorenzo we leave the Cassia and go towards Grotte di Castro to be overcome (always uphill with some tornetti) until you reach The Latera junction. Still a little effort and then in long descent to near Valentano where we svalichiamo with a not long stretch of climb and then plan to Capodimonte (eye to some curve) and close to Marta. Possible variations to grow from Bolsena to Castel Giorgio and then return to San Lorenzo.